Pim de Jongh

Pim de Jongh

eMail: pagebu72@gmail.com

telephone: 06 33 80 57 08


Pim teaches acrylic painting – both abstract and figurative



Born in 1947 in the Netherlands, Pim de Jongh embarked on a five-year journey of studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, followed by three years focusing on Graphic Arts. His professional journey commenced as a graphic project manager. Subsequently, he contributed to the field as an industrial publicist at “Unilever” and earned a promotion to the position of artistic director at the international advertising office. Seeking greater artistic freedom, Pim transitioned to working as an artist in the South of France, where he has since established himself as a successful artist.


Pim de Jongh is well known for his large – scale acrylic paintings, where biomorphic and organic forms flow over the canvas, creating a surrealistic atmosphere, a technique also employed by painters of american abstract expressionism. In his artworks, traces of surrealism or symbolism are evident. Nevertheless, his connection to American abstract expressionist art remains the most well-defined. Pim’s unique style, combining enormous colour intensity with these floating abstract shapes, has a powerful and immediate impact.

Examples of art by Pim de Jongh