Märta Wydler

Märta Wydler

Teaches various techniques in an “All Technique” class



Märta Wydler is an artist of Swiss-Swedish origin and has lived in the south of France for 20 years. Graduated in Scientific Illustration at the Zurich University of Arts, she has been a freelance artist since 1992 and exhibits in France and abroad. 

Märta is renowned for her captivating live paintings, a unique form of artistry where she creates stunning works in real-time at various public settings. Specializing in capturing the essence of concerts and events, Märta’s live paintings beautifully encapsulate the ambiance and energy of the moment. Whether it’s the dynamic performance of a rock band or the cultural vibrancy of a gathering, Märta skillfully uses watercolors or acrylics to bring these scenes to life on canvas. Her live painting sessions add an interactive and performance aspect to the creation process, engaging the crowd and enriching the overall experience of the event.

In her recent work she reconnects with the theme of nature.  “Liveness, beauty, diversity, strength and harmony are qualities of nature that she says she want to express and communicate in her works.” It is the ambiance of a landscape as much as the detail of a flower or an animal that fascinates and inspires her.


For more information visit her website www.maertawydler.com

Examples of art by Märta

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