Marien Boquet

Marie Boquet

Teaches scultpture and life drawing



Marie Boquet spent her first 20 years behind the scenes and on stage, involved in dance, theater, makeup, and set design in northern France. When she moved to the French Riviera, she met sculptors, painters, and attended art schools.

Working as a model to make a living was just a subtle way to discover her true passion: sculpture. She became enchanted by materials, colors, and shapes, and the graceful, emotional gestures became an obsession to “Create Life.” This required learning techniques, studying anatomy, and understanding the quirks of materials through the human body. The body in her work became dreamlike, sometimes rooted or on a pedestal.

She drew and painted with sensuality, creating a presence that disturbed and attracted people, never leaving them indifferent. Over time, her representations of the body became lighter and more ethereal, aiming to capture the essence and spirit. Her work evokes a whirlwind of love and joyous sensuality, inviting everyone to selfishly take a bit of the offered tenderness.


Examples of art by Marie