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Marie Boquet is a remarkable French artist known for her captivating and evocative works of art. Her creations transcend boundaries and genres, showcasing a unique fusion of colors and forms that capture the essence of human emotion. Her website, https://www.marieboquet.fr/, is a testament to her passion for art, providing a platform to explore her portfolio and delve into her creative world. Marie’s art is a reflection of her deep connection to nature and a profound understanding of the human spirit.

Pim de Jongh 3

Immerse yourself in the world of tactile artistry with our Clay Sculpture Class. This course is designed to cater to all levels of expertise. Beginners will find a welcoming environment where they can grasp the fundamentals of working with clay, from shaping and molding to intricate detailing. Our experienced and passionate instructor provides step-by-step guidance to help you bring your visions to life in 3D form. For more seasoned artists, this class offers a platform to refine and develop your unique style while receiving valuable insights and constructive feedback. Join us and let your imagination take shape in the wonderful realm of clay sculpture.

This class is taught in French.

Student Work Delaney
Student Work Delaney

The above is some of Marie’s work

Examples of Student Work

Student work Pim
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Student work Pim
Student Work Pim 2
Student Work Delaney