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Nelly van Hijfte

Nelly van Hijfte, a lifelong painter, draws inspiration from everyday experiences. Her unique perspective infuses reality with a distinctive charm, often carrying profound insights and subtle critiques of societal norms. Her artistic expression, honed since 1970, boasts a vibrant and commanding canvas. Nelly’s signature narrative style occasionally flirts with surrealism, as she boldly portrays her distinctive subjects. Identified by the pseudonym ‘Tim,’ her works consistently bear this simple yet recognizable signature, reflecting her remarkable artistic journey.

Oil painting with Nelly

Discover the World of Oil Painting:

Unleash your inner artist and delve into the captivating world of oil painting in our specialized class. Our oil painting course offers a unique opportunity to explore this timeless medium, known for its rich colors and depth of expression. Unlike acrylic paints, oil paints have a slower drying time, allowing artists to blend, layer, and rework their creations with a level of flexibility that’s second to none. Whether you’re new to oil painting or a seasoned artist, you are welcome to join this class.

Atelier Libre Experience:

This class operates in an atelier libre style, fostering an environment where students can work on their individual projects. The instructor, an established artist with years of experience, is there to provide guidance and support. If you’re struggling for inspiration, our instructor is ready to offer suggestions and insights on composition, color choices, and various techniques to elevate your work. Beginners to oil painting are more than welcome, and you’ll find a warm and encouraging atmosphere that caters to your needs. Join us to embark on a journey of self-expression and artistic growth in the world of oil painting

This class is taught in French and English.

Examples of Nelly's work

Examples of Student Work

Oil paintin by Helen
Oil painting
Oil Painting 5
Oil painting
Oil painting 4
Oil painting 2
Oil painting