Life Drawing
Marina 4

taught by

Marina Kulik

Marina Kulik works as a full time artist in the South of France. She teaches aquarelle, model and portrait drawing. Marina’s command of the watercolour medium ranges from the difficulties inherent in portraitures to the technical challenges of architectural renderings.

Marina - Aqua class

Step into the captivating world of our Life Drawing Class.Our sessions predominantly employ charcoal, pencil, and crayon on provided paper, while embracing your creative choices, be it paints, felt pens, pastels, or other media. With both male and female nude models, the focus here is on precision and artistry. Our objective is to “get it right,” emphasizing accurate proportions, composition, and capturing the model’s personality or the emotion of the pose. Although challenging, life drawing is deeply rewarding and quickly becomes an addictive pursuit. It’s not just about mastering the human form; it’s about honing your artistic skills and enhancing your ability to tackle any subject. These classes take place every other week, alternating with the still life class. A weekly email keeps you informed about the subject, model, starting times, and other essential details. Join us on this artistic journey, where creativity knows no bounds.

This class is taught in French and English.

Examples of student work

Life Drawing at the Hangar 6
Life Drawing at the Hangar 8
Life Drawing at the Hangar 8