Art Therapy
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Francesca Messina

Francesca Messina, an accomplished Italian visual artist and certified art therapist, holds degrees from the Academy of Fine Arts and the Art Therapy school Aspic of Rome. For the past decade, she has made her home in France, where she has dedicated herself to her artistic and therapeutic pursuits.

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Discover the Transformative Power of Art Therapy:

Francesca organizes monthly thematic workshops and leads weekly group art therapy sessions, offering a reassuring and stimulating environment that allows individuals to delve into their inner selves through creative exploration.

The art therapy workshops are dedicated to the free and spontaneous expression of one’s inner world through various mediums, depending on the proposed theme, including painting, drawing, collage, weaving, and clay manipulation.

With different themes each time, everyone can embark on their own creative journey, playing with colors, shapes, and materials to give visual form to their precious inner experiences. The workshop is also a space for relaxation and introspection, a kind and non-judgmental place where one can undertake a personal development process through the expression of their creative universe.

No artistic knowledge is required to participate. Materials are provided. The workshop is for adults only. Registration is mandatory.

This class is taught in French

Artistic Expression and Personal Development (in French)


Examples of work by Francesca