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Marta Wydler - teaches you how to paint in different techniques and styles

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Märta Wydler is an artist of Swiss-Swedish origin and has lived in the south of France for 20 years. Graduated in Scientific Illustration at the Zurich University of Arts, she has been a freelance artist since 1992 and exhibits in France and abroad.

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Marta Wydler’s art classes offer a dynamic exploration of diverse techniques and mediums, including oil, acrylics, watercolour, and pastels. With a strong emphasis on fundamental artistic principles like color theory and composition, each class delves into a unique theme. Whether unraveling the mysteries of painting trees, interpreting the interplay of light and dark or mastering proportions, Marta’s classes provide a rich and immersive experience, nurturing creativity and honing skills across a spectrum of artistic expressions.

This class is taught in French and English.

Examples of Märta's work